eLearning Impulse

Capture screenshots and explain software, PC applications, websites and products with animated demos and tutorials.

eLearning Impulse uses an intelligent capturing technique for single screenshots that can then be edited as slides. Mouse movements are automatically reproduced. Projects can be exported into various formats for Internet, Intranet or published on CDs. The created files are extremely small - only ~0.1 MB per minute of playback. The idea behind eLearning Impulse is simple:

  • capture
  • edit
  • play
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eLearning Impulse Highlights

  • Create great looking marketing and sales presentations in Flash and other formats
  • Create interactive e-learning courses and tutorials (with click areas, quizzes & SCORM)
  • IT and Training: create help tutorials, interactive FAQs and professional support
  • Easy to use: create a demo in 10-15 minutes
  • Compressed, small files: shorter loading time, ideal for Internet use
  • Export to 7 different output formats: Flash, Java, EXE, GIF, ASF also Word and PDF for documentation
  • No installation required: also runs directly from CD
  • + more features

eLearning Impulse Screenshots