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Swiss-based file compressor balesio has added PDF file compression to its space reduction capabilities for Microsoft Office and image files.

balesio's FILEminimizer Server software, uses a native format optimisation process, effectively recoding how data is stored in PDF target files without altering its format.

This means the files can be read by the originating application without having to be converted by a reader application first.

Based on the company's Native Format Optimization (NFO), this new capability of FILEminimizer Server features primary storage compression rates of up to 75% for productivity files, and more than 85% for image data, to allow organizations to store four to five times more unstructured data.

balesio, a provider of optimisation products for unstructured data, has announced that its FILEminimizer Server now supports PDF files in addition to Microsoft Office and image files. balesio also announced that its flagship product has been tested and is ready for virtualised environments.

Version 7 of the native file optimisation software FILEminimizer Suite allows IT administrators to maximise email storage capacity and network bandwidth by automatic compression of unstructured data in attachments on the fly. FILEminimizer Suite reduces the size of files such as images or PDFs by up to a fourth of their original size with visual quality and functionality unaltered.

Storage Magazine

balesio has been recognized as a finalist in the Storage Awards 2011 "One to Watch" company category by Storage Magazine.

  • Storage Magazine
  • 04/2011

Swiss Windows data reduction startup balesio has introduced the FILEminimizer FMA-4800 Series Appliance to suck the fat out of unstructured Windows files.

These include Office, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint files and other unstructured – meaning not-database – files in the Windows PC and server world. The software, which balesio announced last week, contains content-aware algorithms which remove redundant data from such files and remove unnecessary colours and resolution from images in a way it calls "visually lossless". The result is claimed to be files that are readable by the original Windows application, indistinguishable to the human eye from the originals, and up to 90 per cent smaller in size – your mileage might vary of course.

balesio's Native File Optimization (NFO) software technology analyses unstructured data files and restores their contents in a visually lossless manner with a smaller file size. The optimized and reduced files can still be read by their originating applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, SharePoint and Excel.

This approach is very much like that of the Dell-acquired Ocarina, which optimised and reduced the size of various image formats in a visually lossless manner but requiring an Ocarina reader to read the optimised files.

FILEminimizer Server di balesio AG è finalista nella categoria «Storage Management Tools» delle riviste americane «Storage Magazine» e come prodotto dell'anno 2010.

Top storage trend nel 2011 per le PMI: Le tecnologie di riduzione dei dati da fornitori come balesio AG diventeranno popolari [...] Questi prodotti sono progettati per ridurre il Primary Storage. Sono in grado di ridurre significativamente i file già compressi, ciò che la deduplicazione e la compressione non possono fare.

  • 12/2010
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What's new, what's changed, in SharePoint solutions for IT pros and developers: Optimizing SharePoint Storage.

The Swiss technology company balesio announced FILEminimizer SharePoint, a plug-in for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 that optimizes Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and image files directly before saving and storing the files into SharePoint, reducing the file storage volume on SharePoint.

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Reduce Bloat on SharePoint and Outlook up to 70 Percent: If you work in an administrative role with SharePoint or Exchange Server, you know how quickly these systems can become burdened by excess file storage. This leads organizations to enact retention and archiving policies, sometimes to a fairly restrictive extent that can hinder worker efficiency. (With Outlook search, you can find just about anything. That is, until those emails get eaten up by the retention policy.) But what if there was an easier way to reduce the bloat?

There is a product from balesio that could help. Essentially, it's a product that takes Microsoft Office files (especially Word and PowerPoint) and makes them measurably smaller. The product does not compress the files—it just looks for inefficiencies (unnecessarily large image files, for instance) and automatically corrects them.

Storage Switzerland, LLC

Considering the fact that we speak to storage managers everyday that are dealing with TBs of Office productivity data, this product can save significant storage space. It's also important to consider that Microsoft Office files are the most often emailed data type. That means this up to 90% reduction with FILEminimizer Server will help email stores and the bandwidth needed when emailing files.

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FILEminimizer Pictures compresses all kinds of images up to 99%. This is terrific for emailing, since large photos mean slow downloads and large storage requirements. You can do single images or a whole photo album at once. When we tried it, most of our photos were 94% compressed, though some did reach the 99% level. The recipient does not have to unzip the file to view it.

  • Bob Schwabach, On Computers
  • 01/2011

Image files can really inflate the size of an email, web page, or a document; FILEminimizer Suite makes it easy to reduce the size of these images. While one can use a traditional image editor to tweak the image and reduce its size, many users lack the technical savvy or time to do this efficiently.


How effective is this tool? Very effective, particularly with graphics files. In my tests using its standard compression, it reduced graphics files by approximately 90 percent on average. FILEminimizer Suite shrank dozens of photos with little to no perceivable quality loss.


The ability to show a process via screen capture is arguably the best way to train your staff. ALLCapture handles the recording of on screen actions with aplomb and is relatively simple to use.

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DOC, XLS e PPT in versione miniaturizzata - Si tratta di un'utilissima applicazione che compatta i file creati tramite Word, Excel e Powerpoint.

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FILEminimizer Office è un «compressore di file Powerpoint» che strizza i file PPT e PPS (ed oggi anche PPTX di Microsoft Office 2007) riducendoli ai minimi termini e fornendo un nuovo file «identico» a vedersi, ma dimagrito.

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  • 06/2007
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Sicuramente Turbodemo può essere un grande aiuto al personale preposto alla preparazione di guide e tutorial di programmi.

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Punto Informatico alla diabolica mente dei creatori di ALLCapture, probabilmente avvezzi ai desideri proibiti di manager e addetti marketing, è venuta in mente anche un'applicazione come quella che permette di registrare delle presentazioni in Powerpoint e trasformarle in un video mentre scorrono...

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ALLCapture permette di gestire con una certa semplicità la produzione di demo portabili.

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Nelle prove che ho effettuato il programma ha onestamente fatto il suo dovere, con una riduzione delle dimensioni notevole per le presentazioni contenenti molte immagini.

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