The complete video creation software solution with a wide range of application possibilities.

Areas of use with the balesio Screen Capturing Suite

Benefits: cut costs, less business trips due to the sending of videos, no need to give away sensitive data to external agencies, better customer loyalty through improved customer support (a picture says more than a 1000 words)
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  • Creation of interactive product presentations, software demos and virtual tours
  • Presentation and visual explanation of web pages, splash screens and other internet content
  • Creation of company presentations for the internet and fairs (Flash movies)
  • Presentation and visual illustration of service and product portfolio
  • Creation of animated user manuals and tutorials
  • Better communication of unique selling propositions (USP), value propositions
  • Better visual presentation of product benefits and relative product advantages
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Benefits: cut costs, lower travel costs and fewer business trips through remote customer support
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  • Supply of examples of past customer solutions (for new customers)
  • Visualization of technical documentation
  • Explanation of commercial offers and bids
  • Better customer awareness through visually enhanced presentation of product benefits and relative product advantages
  • Better comprehension of process engineering and architectural plans as they are presented to customers and colleagues as a film
  • Creation of interactive sales manuals and presentations
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Education and Trainings:
Benefits: no need to move people and data, original or in-house production of content, no media consulting needed and no need to expose sensitive data to external agencies, cost saving
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  • E-learning training for employees (old and new)
  • Training for customers, suppliers and resellers
  • Creation of certificates and quizzes
  • Interactive product/machine training
  • Creation of tutorials to manage software, e.g. company e-mail application or internal software to track travel costs etc.
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Support and After Sales:
Benefits: faster and more effectual response to support queries, free capacities through more effective problem analysis, minimize communication deficits with support queries
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  • Record support queries, point out problem, analyse and respond in a video
  • Visual illustration of FAQs
  • Build up and provide self-explanatory online help for customers
  • Record and store remote desktop connections, to improve online help
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Research and Development:
  • Storing and documentation of problem analysis or particular program bugs (software testing, before/after effects, simulations can all be recorded)
  • Documentation of programs, projects, processes and research approaches
  • Improve visual presentation of R&D results
  • Creation of splash and welcome screens
  • Creation of interactive pop-ups screens and pre-loader images
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