Backup Management Improvement

Key Customer Benefits

  • Reduce backup data volume by ~70% through file server optimization
  • Increase backup efficiency
  • Reduce necessary backup times
  • Shorten backup windows
  • Enable full backups again

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Case Study

Learn how Robins & Morton reduces unstructured data volume and postpones investments in additional file storage.

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Robins & Morton
Shorten backup windows, reduce time for full backups with optimized files and reduce needed backup capacities.

File server optimization with FILEminimizer Server significantly improves the company's backup management. With, on average, 70% less data volume on file servers, backup processes are extremely accelerated and the whole backup efficiency is improved. On average 70% less data volume on file servers means that less data volume needs to be stored on backup servers. Thus, backup capacities can be more efficiently used and new backup capacities can be added later.

Backup scenario without FILEminimizer Server

Backup times are extremely reduced and also backup windows, i.e. the time needed to make a full backup, are significantly shortened through file server optimization. Full backups on a daily basis can be possible again if file server optimization is applied.

Backup scenario with FILEminimizer Server
  • Download the FILEminimizer Server datasheet.
  • Request an evaluation version of FILEminimizer Server.