TurboDemo Support - How do I add hyperlinks?

Use the following steps to add a hyperlink to an area or object. For our example we will add a hyperlink to a rectangle.

  1. From your toolbar select "Slide | Draw a Rectangle" Draw a Rectangle
  2. Draw your rectangle onto the slide
  3. Double mouse click on the newly created rectangle to make the "Action Options" window appear Action Options
  4. The "Action Options" window allows you to define which type of interactivity you would like the rectangle to have. Select "Go to URL" Go to URL
  5. Type the required internet address (you must type http:// before) or email address (you must type mailto: before) into the "URL" field
  6. If you would like the URL to open in a new window, tick the "Open in a new window" checkbox
  7. Once you have finished click the "Apply" button