Mac OS X - Capturing Tool

TurboDemo can be used in many different situations like online training, marketing, documentation and support.

3 simple steps to success

Only 3 simple steps to success

1. Capture:
With TurboDemo ScreenStudio you are able to record your Mac OS X applications as well as your browser window. Install ScreenStudio using the below link:
If your Mac OS X version is not currently supported, please contact us.
2. Edit:
Your result is a single file, which can be imported and edited with TurboDemo for Windows. With TurboDemo, you can easily insert text balloons, notes or audio.
To install a trial version of TurboDemo for Windows, download here.
3. Publish:
With TurboDemo you can export your data files automatically as Flash, Java, GIF, PDF, Word, and many more.
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