TurboDemo Support - How can I resize a project?

Sometimes after completing a project, you may need to resize it. Use the following steps to achieve this.

  1. After you have opened your project, select "File | Resize Project" from your toolbar
  2. The "Resize Wizard" window will appear on your screen Resize Wizard
  3. The original width and height are displayed at 100%
  4. You can adjust the width and height manually by selecting from the "New Width" and "New Height" drop down boxes or alternatively you can use the "Percentage Slider" to resize the project proportionally Scaling Percentage
  5. After you have selected your new project size click on the "Start Resizing" button
  6. Once the resizing process has completed you will see a message window appear on your screen informing you of the new project file location, project name and new resolution (e.g. C:\Program Files\TurboDemo 7.5 Ent\Projects\projectName-640x480.tdp)
  7. You can now close your original project and open up the new one