TurboDemo Support - How do I add hyperlinks?

Use the following steps to add a hyperlink to an area or object. For our example we will add a hyperlink to a rectangle.

  1. From your toolbar select « Diapositiva | Diseñar rectángulo » Diseñar rectángulo
  2. Draw your rectangle onto the slide
  3. Double mouse click on the newly created rectangle to make the « Opciones de acción » window appear Opciones de acción
  4. The « Opciones de acción » window allows you to define which type of interactivity you would like the rectangle to have. Select « Ir a URL » Ir a URL
  5. Type the required internet address (you must type http:// before) or email address (you must type mailto: before) into the « URL » field
  6. If you would like the URL to open in a new window, tick the « En ventana nueva » checkbox
  7. Once you have finished click the « Aplicar » button