TurboDemo Support - How can I link demos together?

Use the following steps to link your demos together.

  1. With your project open, select the slide you wish to add the link to
  2. From your toolbar select « Ver | Ver diapositiva »
  3. From your toolbar select « Diapositiva | Insertar una acción de diapositiva » to make the « Opciones de acción » window appear Opciones de acción
  4. The « Opciones de acción » window allows you to define which type of interactivity you would like the slide to have. Select « Ir a URL » Ir a URL
  5. Type the name of the demo that you would like to link to into the « URL » field. Enter the file location as a relative path (../demo/demoName.swf) or if both demos are in the same folder, just enter the file name (demoName.swf)
  6. If you would like the linked demo to open in a new window, tick the « En ventana nueva » checkbox
  7. If you would like the linked demo to appear before or after the current slide you have selected, change the « Ejecutar acción » option accordingly Ejecutar acción
  8. Once you have finished click the « Aplicar » button