Estudios de caso y testimonios

Aquí están en parte algunos ejemplos de feedback de nosotros clientes.

University of Toronto

As an academic, it is a significant ongoing problem to produce files (typically PowerPoint files) of unwieldy size to the extent that it makes posting lectures really difficult. I've been using your software for the last 3 years and have found it to be an extremely reliable solution to the problem. When I've shown it to colleagues, they have been impressed. My own institution has a number of enterprise licenses, and I can see that this software would be an extremely useful addition and would be happy to be an advocate for this awesome product!

  • Dr. James Scott
  • Associate Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
University of Phoenix

I was at a complete standstill because I could not reduce my original file at 42MBs to below the 3MBs allowed to transmit a file at the University. It looked as though I was not going to graduate after 4 years of work on this project because of the file size issue. FILEminimizer allowed me to reduce my file size and I was able to resubmit my dissertation to the Internal Review Board in time.

I am recommending you to all the students and instructors that I know at the University of Phoenix.

  • Cynthia Silvia
  • Doctoral Candidate, University of Phoenix

We could reduce our unstructured data volume by 50% saving us otherwise necessary expensive investments in new storage capacities. We can say FILEminimizer Server keeps our storage alive.

  • Carlos Rosa
  • IT Director, Mahwah K-12 District

With FILEminimizer Server we see average optimization ratios of 73% on our image data volume and could reduce our primary storage requirements by a whopping 55TB!

  • Adriano Merhere Moreira
  • Kello Formaturas

FILEminimizer works well. We had a folder containing multiple PDF files which totaled almost 6GB in size and your program minimized it to under 1GB! We were amazed.

  • Yehuda Winzelberg
Northwestern Medical

We love FILEminimizer! We do brain surgery PowerPoint presentations and it reduces these monster presentations down perfectly. Image quality remains great.

  • Michael Johnson
  • Northwestern Hospital/Feinberg School of Medicine
Robins & Morton

Being able to get our unstructured data down to manageable file sizes has been a great help to our department. Already now, the storage savings achieved using FILEminimizer Server has allowed us to postpone the purchases of additional file storage.

  • Ryan J. Cerwick
  • Network Administrator, Robins & Morton

After the deployment of FILEminimizer Server, we need 69% less storage space for our Microsoft Office and image files. As part of our Lean IT project, we piloted FILEminimizer Server and the software did a great job.

  • Dome Tepupatump
  • IT Manager, Celestica Thailand

Thanks for FILEminimizer Suite. It is a great product.

  • Michael Wood
  • Microsoft MVP
US Army Corps of Engineers

We chose FILEminimizer as the best product in the market. When it came to rolling it out in our secure area, balesio helped out in an uncomplicated way and provided great customer service.

  • Eric A. Herlihy
  • US Army Corps of Engineers

Now that is what I call service minded! Great to see people still exist that understand the meaning of true service.

  • Rolf van Tongeren
  • RedLine Development BV

balesio's FILEminimizer Office is a fabulous program that has helped me reduce the size of the .ppt files on my own computer by over 100 MB. It is well-worth the purchase.

  • GraphicsOptimization
University of South Carolina School of Medicine

I love this program. It is so easy to use it's unbelievable. We use large numbers of images in our ppt presentations and I have been given files as large as 246 megs. And, no, there was no way to post or email a file that size. So I deleted all transition slides (the swans that denoted when the topic was changing), saved out EVERY image, took it to Photoshop, reduced dpi to 72, cropped as much as I could around the edges, saved the image file, and re-inserted it into the ppt. 10-12 hours later, it was down to 2 files, one 32 megs and one 11 megs. FILEminimizer Office took the same file and dropped it to less than 10 megs in maybe 3 minutes at the most. I love the fact that you can't accidentally overwrite your original file. I like that there are 3 compression rates that are standard and that you can set your own. I liked the program so much I bought 3 copies, one for each of the Co-Course Directors and one for our support person.

  • Patsy Lill
  • University of South Carolina School of Medicine
BOMA International

I feel that your software is invaluable in today's world.

  • Chris Galczynski
  • BOMA International

FILEminimizer Office will intercept every message you mail with Outlook that contains an Office attachment in it. It will compress every .DOC, .XLS, and .PPT (or .DOCX, .XLSX, or PPTX) you have attached to the mail and batch process these documents all at once.

At $45, this is a very worthwhile investment if you send and receive Office documents over the mail or store many documents on server shares.

  • Kurt Shintaku
  • Microsoft MVP

All in all, it's cool software and I think it will be quite useful.


This software is very simple to use, and works very well with the presentations we often share with organizations all over the world. I was definitely most impressed.

  • F. Clarke
  • Desktop, Infrastructure & Network Specialist, NZ
University of Florida

It works great! We use Blackboard LMS to load course content and we have PowerPoint files that exceed the file size limit so this software is a great tool to help reduce the size for Blackboard.

  • Jennifer Anukam
  • University of Florida, College of Public Health and Health Professions

I have been very happy with the program and recommended it to other churches.

  • Wayne Turner
  • Church of Christ, Canada
Uranium One

I think the software is one of the most useful and economically available softwares on the market.

  • Donna L. Wichers
  • Uranium One Americas
The Office Letter

We were very pleased with the quality of the compression. We couldn't detect any quality differences, especially in all the small "logo" graphic files. All appeared to the naked eye as good as the originals.

  • The Office Letter

I was very impressed with my first use of FILEminimizer Office. I often work with very large presentations that are simply too large to send via email and the software worked perfectly. This is a product that I think would be beneficial for my office.

  • Pattie L. Lewis
  • NASA TEERM Principal Center
University of Canterbury

I think the product is great!

  • Lucie Brand
  • University of Canterbury, School of Humanities
BIDMC Harvard

I was extremely satisfied with the product.

  • Rui Nie
  • BIDMC Harvard

I really like the software. It does a great job of compacting PPT files for sending to our clients via email. The installation of the software was quick and easy as well.

  • Anna Maria LoPiccolo
  • SPAR

This product is amazing as it can really compress!

  • Aeriel New

I greatly appreciated what the software did for me.

  • Edson Souza
  • CPS

It's really a nice tool to create online demos. Hats off to the developers.

  • Tim McLeod
  • Whispers Ltd

The software is very good thanks. We tend to use very large PowerPoint files with large graphics in the deliverables we provide our clients, as well as the documents that we use internally, hence there is a constant need for powerful compression software - often WinZip is not enough.

  • Sophie Rodgers
  • Travel Aspirations

We highly recommend balesio's Turbodemo. The product works as advertised, is easy to use, and works better then the competitors I tried. My entire e-learning team uses the product on a variety of training, website and knowledge management solutions.

The only thing that surpasses the product quality is the customer service. In an age where software customer service is unheard of, or expensive, the TurboDemo team excels as a leader in this very important aspect. They made a special trip to my Boeing facility to give my team a free 3 hour workshop on how to use TurboDemo.

Also, the few times I've needed to call them for technical support, I get a real person right away, who works with me over the phone until it's resolved.

Thank you TurboDemo, and keep up the good work.

  • Boeing E-learning Consortium Leader

As part of a Global SAP roll-out, balesio's TurboDemo is being used to help us document and visualize our common business processes. It is easy to use and provides great functionality. We will be able to provide our local implementation teams with exciting training/documentation material! Furthermore we like to underline the excellent customer service.

  • Energizer Team
Little Beacon

In the last year we have had the pleasure of using ALLCapture for our documentation and training purposes. Not only has ALLCapture been able to reduce hotline and support questions dramatically but it is so simple to use that we now ship all our products with videos instead of heavy documentation without any additional cost. Thanks for a great product.

  • Christer Jensen
  • Partner, Little Beacon

I found balesio's ALLCapture and was extremely impressed. The software is very easy to use, full of features and priced at the right level.

  • Tim Alsop
  • Director, CyberSafe
British Telecom

I've evaluated a number of CBT creation products on the market and decided yours was the best. After having used balesio's Turbodemo to create a series of CBT packages for a new release of an in-house application I'm really pleased with the choice I've made. It's an excellent product that is a pleasure to use. Well done.

  • J. Clough
  • British Telecom

I am pleased to say that balesio's TurboDemo has met all of our expectations and we have been able to produce high qualilty demonstrations.

  • Simeon Ghent
  • Technology Consultant, Developing World Systems Limited

I bought ALLCapture the other day and I find it to be a very good tool to use.

  • Gareth Rout

Excellent! at last a easy way to "Turbo" train others, we've been looking at other program available on the market and only Turbodemo did all we need to do and you don't need to be a rocket scientific to use it.

  • Jean-Marc Bherer

I have found the product very useful and have not experienced any problems in downloading, installing or using the software. Because of this I have purchased the professional version for use in my job and have had successful feedback using the program in internal e-learning courses. Overall rating, very satisfied.

  • Martin Hoffmann

This program rocks! I have been trying SEVERAL different screenshot/video programs and this one is bar far the best!

  • Rhonda Friedrich