Compress PDF files with FILEminimizer PDF - PDF compression software.

Compress PDF files without zipping.

FILEminimizer PDF compresses PDF files and documents and reduces PDF file sizes by 40-75% using balesio's native format optimization technology for PDF file compression. The software optimizes PDF structures and compresses pictures, graphics and objects within a PDF file while preserving the original file format and quality. Compressed PDF files are much smaller, consume less storage space and are ideal for sharing and sending via email. Recipients don't need the software to edit or view the compressed PDF files. Mailboxes, servers, file storage and networks are relieved and loading time is accelerated.

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Benefits of FILEminimizer PDF compression

  • Compress all PDF files by 40-75%: a 25MB file is reduced to less than 5MB
  • Keep the original PDF format - no unzipping required
  • Compress pictures, graphics and objects and shrink PDF file sizes efficiently
  • Batch PDF compression
  • Pack & Go: send compressed PDF attachments via email with one click
  • Search Wizard: find all PDF files on PCs and networks
  • Outlook and Lotus Notes Add-ins: compress PDF attachments automatically before sending
  • + more features
FILEminimizer Suite optimizes Microsoft Office, PDF and image files at the same time.

FILEminimizer PDF Screenshots

  • Edit File List
  • Optimization Results
  • Search Assistant
  • Open Files
  • Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes Add-ins