Save storage space on servers with optimized Microsoft Office, PDF and image files

Save storage space on servers with optimized Microsoft Office, PDF and image files

balesio's Partners Gain back data storage space on file servers.
Reduce data transfer and storage costs.
Accelerate backups.

FILEminimizer Server compresses PDF files, the latest Microsoft Office 365 as well Office 2019 to Office 97 files and Image files in the formats JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, EMF and PNG directly on the file server from 50-90%. The original format is retained so that files can be opened and edited - without any decompression needed. With an average compression rate of over 70%, FILEminimizer Server helps IT Administrators to instantly gain back enormous storage space, save on data transfer and storage costs and shorten backup times. FILEminimizer Server is a professional storage solution which also helps you to enhance your deduplication strategies.

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FILEminimizer Server Highlights

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  • Microsoft Office file compression on servers from 50-90%: 1TB (ca. 1,000GB) of Microsoft Office files on a server are reduced to 500GB or less
  • PDF file compression on servers from 50-90%: compress PDF scans, "born-digital" PDF files and print-ready PDF files
  • Image file compression on servers from 50-90%: lossless compression on images in the formats JPG, TIFF, GIF, EMF, BMP and PNG
  • Keep the original Microsoft Office file format and functionality - no unzipping required
  • Supports all Microsoft Office files from Office 365 through 2019 - 97 (DOCX, PPTX, XLSX)
  • Multi-Core Support: perform fast optimizations using every processor on your server
  • Reduce data transfer costs and network traffic
  • Considerably reduce backup volume and time on backup and storage servers
  • Free Storage Analyzer: analyzes your server and finds out the optimization potential and economic savings. See how many Office and image files you can compress and by how much!
  • Profile Wizard: create individual and flexible optimization profiles to optimize data and file servers in the best possible manner for your company
  • Scheduler for automated server optimizations: perform the optimization process automatically, for example in the evening or on weekends
  • Immediate Return on Investment: positive ROI after a few months due to storage cost savings and data traffic reductions. View ROI Analysis
  • + more features
FILEminimizer Suite

FILEminimizer Suite for Desktops: one single program to compress Microsoft Office files, PDF files, image files and already zipped PowerPoint, Word and Excel files. Integrates into Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.