Zip-free Primary Storage Optimization (PSO)

Key Customer Benefits

  • Up to 98% compression on PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF and image files
  • Up to 12x higher compression than classic "zip" programs
  • No format change
  • No quality loss on optimized files
  • Users can open optimized files without having FILEminimizer installed
  • Software-only solution (no infrastructure changes necessary)
  • Full file accessibility

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Learn how Robins & Morton reduces unstructured data volume and postpones investments in additional file storage.

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Robins & Morton
Manage data growth and achieve data reduction on Primary Storage through zip-free single file optimization.

FILEminimizer Server is following a novel approach to save on data reduction and managing storage growth: zip-free Single File Optimization. The FILEminimizer technology is radically different from zip compression technologies. In contrast to zip compression the FILEminimizer optimization is working directly on each single file and compresses it without changing the file format, in some cases by up to 98%. The single file size reductions add up to an average data reduction of 70% on primary storage devices. The high data reduction is achieved by optimizing single elements such as graphics, images and object within each single file. The results are highly optimized files of the lowest possible size. No decompression process is needed and files always remain accessible by users and programs alike.

Primary Storage Optimization Before Using FILEminimizer Server

FILEminimizer Server is a software-only solution which is easy to implement and operate. No devices and no IT infrastructure changes are necessary.

Primary Storage Optimization After Using FILEminimizer Server

Apart from data reduction on primary storage devices, implementing the FILEminimizer technology offers further benefits: reduced data volume on secondary storage devices and archives, reduced data volume for backups, accelerated backup processes as well as continuous improvements in data and network traffic.

  • Download the FILEminimizer Server datasheet.
  • Request an evaluation version of FILEminimizer Server.