Bandwidth and Network Traffic Optimization

Key Customer Benefits

  • Reduce network traffic
  • Relieve bandwidth
  • Avoid bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Increase data and especially information throughput
  • Reduce transfer costs of large files
  • Lower costs for sending files to mobile devices
  • Smaller, optimized file sizes accelerate communication and increases bandwidth availability

Case Study

Learn how the training center of Germany's federal armed forces reduced email traffic by over 11%.

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Reduce network traffic, improve data transfer quality and relieve bandwidth with optimized Microsoft Office, PDF and image files.

The continuous optimization of Microsoft Office, PDF and image files on the server is not only reducing the size of these files, it is also significantly reducing the bandwidth in use for the communication of these files. Organizations can transmit the exact same "information" in much less megabytes and gigabytes. This reduces the network traffic for sending, storing and uploading Microsoft Office, PDF and image files.

Bandwidth utilization without FILEminimizer Server

Bandwidth bottlenecks caused by a few single but gigantic files are avoided through the systematic optimization of these files using the FILEminimizer technology. The existing bandwidth capacity is used more efficiently, with the same data throughput rate, more "information" can be transferred. Costs for overall bandwidth can be significantly reduced.

Bandwidth utilization with FILEminimizer Server
To optimize the bandwidth and network traffic, FILEminimizer technology can help in many ways:
FILEminimizer client licenses to optimize email traffic
FILEminimizer Server to optimize existing and future data volume directly on the server
FILEminimizer SharePoint to optimize Microsoft SharePoint data volume and traffic
FILEminimizer SDK to transparently integrate the optimization technology in existing infrastructures and databases