Office Compression

Key Customer Benefits

  • Up to 98% compression on PowerPoint, Word and Excel files
  • Up to 12x higher compression than classic "zip" programs
  • No format change
  • Bypass email firewalls, spam filters with optimized, non-zipped office files
  • No quality loss on optimized files
  • Users can open optimized files without having FILEminimizer installed

Case Study I

11,200 employees of Manor AG successfully use FILEminimizer on workstations and servers. Their average compression is 81%.

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Manor AG

Case Study II

Learn how supermarket retailer Edeka reduced helpdesk support by 75%.

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FILEminimizer Office applies a special, unique file optimization technique for Microsoft Office files of PowerPoint, Word and Excel. This file optimization technique optimizes the content of a PowerPoint, Word or Excel file and thus is able to reduce the file size of a Microsoft Office file by up to 98%. The optimization guarantees that the original file format is not altered or modified, in contrast to classic zip algorithms where users end up with a "zipped" file which they need to then unzip.

Zip compression

Also, the optimization is most efficient on image heavy and graphic rich files, where FILEminimizer Office can achieve compression ratios which are up to 12 times higher than classic zip software.

Optimization with FILEminimizer Office

As the user does not end up with a "zipped" file but with a native Microsoft Office file, this solution is ideal for sending Microsoft Office files via email, not only because of the smaller file size but also because in contrast to zip files which are often blocked, the native Microsoft Office formats pass through firewalls and spam filters easily. The receiver doesn't need any special software to view or modify an optimized office file.

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