Email Compression

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Key Customer Benefits

  • Improve email storage
  • Flatten growth rate of email storage
  • Relieve communication bandwidth
  • Secure email communication
  • Bypass email size limitations
  • Reduce helpdesk support

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Case Study

Learn how Germany's largest brewery, Bitburger, uses the Lotus Notes and the Microsoft Outlook add-in in conjunction.

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Relieve email servers, secure email communication and reduce helpdesk support.

FILEminimizer Office and FILEminimizer Suite feature a customizable, transparent add-in for the most common email clients which serves to optimize office file attachments on-the-fly before they are sent out via email. Large office and image file attachments are often the reason for high growth rates of email storage.

Sending emails without FILEminimizer Office

In addition, if such attachments are sent to groups of many receivers, dangerous bandwidth bottlenecks threaten the company's email infrastructure. The transparent email client integration of FILEminimizer allows to use the proven file optimization technology of FILEminimizer Office and Suite to directly compress an email attachment from within the email client. Email attachments are sent out as optimized files occupying less space on email servers.

Sending emails with FILEminimizer Office

This flattens enormously the growth rate of email storage and relieves the communication bandwidth. Small, optimized email attachments also secures the communication of big office files and, as they bypass email size limitations, FILEminimizer reduces significantly the company's helpdesk support for this kind of support request.

FILEminimizer email integration add-ins are available for:
Microsoft Outlook (starting from Microsoft Outlook 2000)
Lotus Notes (starting from Lotus Notes 6.0)

The installation process for both of these add-ins is seamless and effortless and can be completely customized.

  • Download the FILEminimizer datasheet.
  • Request an evaluation version of FILEminimizer Suite.