Integrated Optimization of Applications and Systems

Key Customer Benefits

  • Systematically optimized Microsoft Office, PDF and image files
  • Reduced data growth on existing implementations
  • Easier and faster access
  • Lower costs for data storage
  • Transparent integration

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Case Study

11,200 employees of Manor AG successfully use FILEminimizer on workstations and servers. Their average compression is 81%.

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Manor AG
Easy and transparent integration of FILEminimizer's native format optimization technology into systems and 3rd party applications. Use native format optimization to reduce data storage footprint in collaboration systems, document management systems and databases.

The Native Format Optimization (NFO) technology of FILEminimizer can be integrated into third party applications and closed systems and optimizes directly all Microsoft Office, PDF and image files located there. FILEminimizer SDK (Software Development Kit) allows you to achieve permanent storage space reductions in databases and document management systems, in content management systems and in workflows through the easy and transparent integration of its optimization engine into your existing environments.

FILEminimizer SDK Integration Process

FILEminimizer SDK consists of two DLL files, which contain the native file optimization technology of FILEminimizer. Using a vast majority of programming languages, among them Visual Basic, VB .net, C++, Delphi, C#, etc. the optimization can be integrated easily in other applications and systems. Microsoft Office, PDF and images files can thus be reduced on average by 70%. You need less storage space and significantly increase the performance of the applications and systems where the FILEminimizer optimization is integrated into.

  • Download the FILEminimizer SDK datasheet.
  • Contact us for more information about FILEminimizer SDK.