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Key Features Recording
Mouse tracking recording Yes Yes
Single picture recording Yes Yes
Automatic recording Yes Yes
Automatic project resizing No Yes
Capture screenshots and record audio simultaneously Yes Yes
Undo and Redo functions Yes Yes
Balloons, notes, transparent text area creation Yes Yes
Rollover creation Yes Yes
Drawing of customized objects Yes Yes
Drawing of rectangle and ellipse objects Yes Yes
Animated pointer Yes Yes
Animated elastic bands Yes Yes
Hyperlinks Yes Yes
Import SWF files No Yes
Typing simulation No Yes
Slide transitions No Yes
SCORM Flash compatible No Yes
SCORM Java compatible No Yes
Interactive text areas Yes Yes
Interactive Hot-Keys Yes Yes
Interactive mouse clicks Yes Yes
Apply actions to objects No Yes
Apply actions to slides No Yes
Quizzing (questions and answers) No Yes
Statistical graph creation No Yes
Export and Output Formats
Java applet No Yes
Flash animation Yes Yes
Flash time limited demos Yes Yes
Java time limited demos No Yes
AVI movie creation No Yes
EXE file creation No Yes
GIF file creation Yes Yes
PDF file creation No Yes
Windows Media Player (ASF) creation No Yes
Word export (templates are possible) No Yes
Export screenshots as BMP, JPG and GIF No Yes
Additional navigation control panel No Yes
Streaming and enhanced compression Yes Yes
Optimized Flash animation Yes Yes
Pre-loader Yes Yes
Additional Options
PowerConverter Lite - convert PowerPoint to Flash without support of transitions and animations No No
PowerConverter Pro - convert PowerPoint to Flash with support of transitions and animations No No
Capture tool for Linux No No
Capture tool for Mac No No
SkinStudio add-on No No
Multilingual Yes Yes
Prices starting from* US$ 589.00 US$ 789.00
* Price for a single user license. Discounts available for multiple license purchases.