Save storage space on servers with optimized Microsoft Office, PDF and image files

Save storage space on servers with optimized Microsoft Office, PDF and image files

All FILEminimizer Server Features

  • FILEminimizer Server - Storage AnalyzerStorage Analyzer
  • Microsoft Office, PDF and image file compression from 50-90% directly on file servers
  • PDF file compression on servers from 50-90%: compress PDF scans, "born-digital" PDF files and print-ready PDF files
  • Compresses all Microsoft Office formats (PowerPoint 97-2019, Word 97-2019, Excel 97-2019) and JPG, TIFF, BMP, EMF, GIF and PNG image files directly on file servers
  • Keeps all file attributes to be fully compliant with Data Lifecycle Management and archiving solutions
  • Developed for Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2012. Linux, Virtual Servers, NAS, SAN Storage and other servers can be optimized as well
  • Multi-Core Support: perform fast optimizations using every processor on your server
  • Continous Optimization: FILEminimizer Server detects corrupted Microsoft Office files and images and skips them. Also, the software detects already optimized files and skips them the next time they are to be optimized which leads to faster optimization runs
  • FILEminimizer Server - Multi-Core ProcessingMulti-Core Processing
  • Profile Wizard: create individual and flexible optimization profiles to optimize data and file servers in the best possible manner for your company. The Profile Assistant lets you decide which Microsoft Office and image files (type, size, date) in which locations of a file server shall be optimized with which optimization criteria
  • Scheduler for automated server optimizations: perform the optimization process automatically, for example in the evening or on weekends
  • Includes a free "Storage Analyzer" to help assess the optimization potential for both Microsoft Office and image files
  • Immediate Return on Investment: positive ROI after a few months due to storage cost savings and data traffic reductions. View ROI Analysis

Sample Case Studies

Mahwah K-12 District

Learn how 50% unstructured data reduction cuts primary storage requirements in half for Mahwah K-12 District

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Learn how media company Kello releases over 55TB of primary storage and achieves 73% unstructured file reduction.

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Chr. Hansen

Learn how Chr. Hansen achieved 30-40% unstructured data reduction worldwide.

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Robins & Morton

Learn how Robins & Morton reduces unstructured data volume and postpones investments in additional file storage.

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Learn how FILEminimizer technology reduces Microsoft Office and image data volume by 69% for Celestica Thailand.

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Manor AG

11,200 employees of Manor AG successfully use FILEminimizer on workstations and servers. Their average compression is 81%.

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Further case studies

Compare Editions

FMA-4800 Series Appliance FMA-4800 Series Discover FILEminimizer Server Boxshot FILEminimizer Server Try Now
Key Features General
Appliance Yes No
Software No Yes
Management Control Intuitive Web GUI Software Interface
VMware Ready No Yes
Compression and Functionality
PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX) Yes Yes
Word (DOC, DOCX) Yes Yes
Excel (XLS, XLSX) Yes Yes
PDF Yes Yes
Multi-Thread Optimizations Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
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