TurboDemo Support - How can I change the time for slides or the whole demo?

You may find that your demo is going too fast or too slow and would like to change the speed of individual slides or the whole project. You may also have encountered a situation where you have captured screenshots without moving your mouse. When this happens the slides are shown more rapidly. All these situations can be adjusted using the following steps.

Adjusting The Time For Individual Slides

  1. From your toolbar select "View | Single Slide Mode". The "Player Controls" toolbar is now viewable to use Player Controls
  2. You can now increase or decrease the time duration for this slide Adjusting Player Controls

Adjusting The Time For The Whole Project

  1. From your toolbar select "Project | Options". The "Project Options" window is now viewable to use Project Options
  2. By adjusting the options found on the "Timing" tab you can influence the display time of the slides for the whole project Adjusting Project Options